Yan Yan's fleet of trucks is modern and well maintained to the highest standards assuring your move is smooth and safe.

We have 9-ton trucks and 5.5-ton trucks. All the Yan Yan trucks are yellow in color with our company name and our company's contact information marked on the truck for easy recognition by our potential customers. Also, our trucks are all equipped with tail lifts to facilitate the moving of furniture from ground level or a loading dock to the level of the load bed of our trucks, or vice versa.

Our high qualtiy moving equipment makes the move more efficient and our protective pads are thick, new and in good condition. With these facilities, we can assure our clients that we don't just move your furniture but also protect and take good care of it. Last but not less, we believe that prevention is better than cure. To ensure your items reaches its destination without any damages, all Yan Yan movers goes through a training program. Our goal is give every customer the best value and service.


We know that relocation process can be stressful, time-consuming and costly sometime.

Here's how we make your life easier:

Free Site Survey

We will send our Surveyor to your place and get you an accurate quotation. This is totally free of charge. Our team will leave you a clear information on how we able to assist you.

Packing Materials

We will be able to accurately astimnate the number of carton boxes for your move. We will provide boxes which size 22"x14"x15", and clothing bag which size 24" x 10"x 48" and few tapes for packing. Other packing material is available upon request such as bubble warp, pape warp, hanger boxes, flat boxes, etc……

Packing is painful!

Yes, indeed. We are all hardworking Hong Kong people, and we have the longest working hours compare to the universe. Therefore, we provide from packing and unpacking services to handyman work. We are able to cater to your needs.

Dismantling and Reassembling

We will help dismantle and reassemble all kinds of furniture.

Dispose unwanted furniture

We can help dispose all kinds of furniture to the particular landfills.


We can provide the best plan for each relocation to prevent any disruptions to your business operations.

Free Site Survey and Planner

We will send our Surveyor to your office and get you an accurate quotation. He will able to deliver the best plan for your move.

Do I need to pack the computers?

No. However, you will have to get a IT specialist to help unplug all the electronic devices.

We can provide specialist to help you relocate all servers, computers and other electronic devices/system.

We are trained to work with all kinds of furniture. We can dismantle and assemble them for you.

We can help you move your photocopier machines.

Packing is Painful

We will be able to provide packer before the moving date.


We can dismantle, remove, transport and install all types of machinery from your existing warehouse/kitchen/storage when undertaking your removal.

Free Professional Site Survey/Planner/Electrician

We will send our profession to your site for giving an accurate quotation. Due to different situation, we might need to come two- three time for specific aspects.

We will provide you the best plan for each department.

Don't hesitate to call us to see how we can help you.


We warp the piano with cartoon paper carefully before we move.

We provide hoisting service as needed.